Link Technologies, Inc. offers high capacity shared E-Mail servers.  These servers are dedicated to your needs. Our servers include web email, virtually unlimited capacity, as well as IMAP, and POP support.  We offer secure email transactions via TLS and SSL.  All of our e-mail systems are backed up nightly, as well as we offer redundancies, including on-line redundant Post Office stores and redundant servers.  Nothing is left to chance!  We have BGP enabled backbone to ensure a high percentage of up time.     

All Mail-services includes:
  • Anti-Virus by Trend Micro
  • Anti-Spam by Trend Micro
  • Secured Access for POP and IMAP
  • Post Offices with no storage limit
  • Mailboxes include 100 meg limit that you can adjust as needed
  • Secured Webmail
  • Fully automatic redundant servers
  • Load balanced mailbox access
  • Integrated Contacts
  • Integrated Calendar



50 $100
100 $175
250 $375
500 $700
1000 $1,000
1250 $1,187.50
1500 $1,200
1750 $1,312.50
2000 $1,400
2500 $1,625
3000 $1,800
4000 $2,200
5000 $2,500
10,000 $4,000
15,000 $5,250
20,000 $6,000
Mail Server Configuration and Notes:

MX Records:
filter1.linktechs.email   10 filter2.linktechs.email   20

mail.domainname.com = mail.linktechs.email

Web Mail
https://mail.linktechs.email --Requires SSL***
Web Admin Management https://mailadmin.linktechs.email

Ports and Protocols

Outbound E-Mail
This is e-mail generated by an end user on the mail system going out to another domain.
 TCP Port 25 --STARTTLS Required
  TCP Port 465 --SSL Required
TCP Port 587 --STARTTLS Required

Inbound E-Mail - Checking of Mail Server
This is how the end user will check their mailbox for mail.
TCP Port 993 -IMAP Protocol - SSL Required
TCP Port 995- POP3 Protocol -- SSL Required

Limits and Restrictions

  • No SPAM shall be sent from any mailbox on the servers.  If SPAM is found, we reserve the right to disable the mailbox, and reset the password on first offence. After the first offence, the mailbox may be deleted.  We will notify the admin account of any actions via e-mail.
  • Hard Limit of 30 Megabytes per e-mail sent and received is enforced.
  • Mailboxes shall have 100meg storage limit unless the mail administrator wishes to change this, they can do so in the mail administration system. 
  • We reserve the right to disable and/or delete any mailbox on the system for any reason.
  • We require a 1 year term contract for services
  • For accounts with under 500 mailboxes, the cost of a SSL is $30 per month each. 
  • Limit of 5 domains per account, each additional domain costs $5 extra per month.
  • The min allocation of mailboxes per post office is 20.  example. if you have 2 mailboxes on domain zxy.com, and 490 on yyz.com, then you would be charged for 490 plus 20. Since you would be over the 500 user limit, we would charge for the 1000 mailbox plan.