Why Choose Link Technologies

WISP Support / ISP Support


Link Technologies, Inc. offers a number of different types of support services to both WISP Operators and ISPs. Below is a listing of service types that we can assist you with:


Why Choose Us:


We have several network experts on staff. These engineers are experts in RouterOS, Routing, TCP/IP, Protocols/Ports, DNS, mail server systems, and other related network devices. Think of these guys as just another support engineer on your staff. You can contact them and have them take charge in a change cut over, or assist your existing staff in design of your new routed network or POP locations. Need a third-party to assist with a customer service experience, we can conference your customers in, and will act on behalf of your support team, getting the customers the information and troubleshooting that they need.


Network Design Consulting:


You may have years of experience in designing networks but when it comes to other people’s money, such as investors or grant funds, you will need a third-party to review your network plans and ensure that they are not only going to work, but also make any other suggestions that you may have not thought about. We know you know what you are doing, but having a third-party sometimes gives you the peace of mind that you are doing it right, and there is not a better way of engineering your application.


Documentation Review and Acceptance:


We can review your network documentation or simply have a chat with you about how your network is currently laid out and suggest things that may make the network management simpler! If your business requires a third-party approval of a network design or proposal, sent it on over, we can review your documents, make recommendations and provide approval if applicable.


Router Support:


Of course we do RouterOS systems, but we can also assist with your Cisco, and Juniper configurations well. There is not much in the router realm that we can't work on, so please ask! Need your Cisco converted to a RouterOS configuration, ask! We do that as well.


BGP / OSPF Assistance:


We have worked with ARIN, and several other RIR's to assist WISP and ISPs in getting their AS numbers as well as their IP allocations as needed. Need configuration assistance with your BGP system, no problem, we can assist with all of your dynamic routing needs.


Bridged to Routed Conversions:


Is your network bridged? Want to go routed? No problem, we have done many Bridged to Routed network conversions, and depending on your network, we can do that all remotely, only site at a time, without taking down customers! It’s possible, we have done it, shoot us a call and we can get with you and get your conversion started.


Wireless Issues and Troubleshooting:


A wise man once said that wireless networking is 20% science and 90% voodoo. Sometimes strange things can happen, most of the time there is a good expectations, let our RF experts do your link analysis, create coverage maps for your web site and tech's to reference, and assist in troubleshooting speed and link issues.




Need a corporate VPN setup, what about site-to-site VPN's? Maybe you need PPTP, or L2TP, what about IPSEC or OpenVPN? Do you know what technology to use? If not no worries, the experts at Link Technologies, Inc. can help. We build VPN solutions for site-2-site businesses, WISPs and other enterprise needs. We can assist you with that!


On-Site Consulting:


We do offer on-site consulting services. Let us come in and assist your business in getting the jump start on a new project, dedicated time with you and your staff will get that project that you have been holding off on doing off the ground. We offer completive rates with several engineers available.


On-Site Training:


Need to get your staff trained up, we offer a 5-Day RouterOS course that can hold up to 15 students. Don't have that many to train, offer a sponsored training class in your office or nearby hotel conference room and you can sell seats in the training class!



Don't see what you need on this list, no worries, shoot us an e-mail at support@linktechs.net if you have any questions!