Remote Office Solutions

Link Technologies, Inc has planned and maintained a large number of remote office solutions. We have done work for many dealerships, and small offices to ensure the highest quality VPN and site-to-site connectivity options.  Need an out-of-the-box solution, that's not an issue for us.  Our hardware knowledge, along with your requirements allow us to engineer, provide and configure the perfect solution for your business needs.  

  • Site-to-Site VPN Solutions
  • Cloud to site Systems
  • Bandwidth management for VoIP and application specific connectivity
  • Network monitoring
  • Hosted Centralized VPN services with speeds up to multi-gigabit
  • Hardware for routing / switching/ and managed access points
  • Centralized Management for Hotspot within same hardware for office/site connectivity
  • Fair Access for existing bandwidth ensuring no one user uses more than they should.
  • Prioritization of Network resources to ensure business applications are preferred!
If you have new remote sites coming up, or with to replace your heavily licensed and/or aging gear with something that new, low cost and fast with virtually no licensing issues, contact sales@linktechs.net and let us know what you need!
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