KPPA-29-5GHZDPFHA- 5 GHz 29 dBi Dual Pol Feed Horn Antenna - 2 Pack Boxes

KPPA-29-5GHZDPFHA- 5 GHz 29 dBi Dual Pol Feed Horn Antenna - 2 Pack Boxes
KPPA-29-5GHZDPFHA- 5 GHz 29 dBi Dual Pol Feed Horn Antenna - 2 Pack Boxes
Whether you need an this antennas for +- 45 degree slant or dual Horz. / Vert. this antenna can do both. By turning the feed horn 45 degrees either way the exact same antenna can be adjusted for both polarities. WIND LOADING SPECS Wind Speed Load On Antenna Load (Newtons) 60 Kmph 14.0 lbs 62.5 N 80 Kmph 25.0 lbs 111.0 N 100 Kmph 39.0 lbs 173.5 N 120 Kmph 56.2 lbs 249.8 N 140 Kmph 76.4 lbs 340.0 N

Powder coated to prevent salt and sun fade

Comes in a 2 or 4 pack for cost effective shipping and handling

Sleek design, allowing these to be installed on clients homes for a higher gain

112 of these will fit on a standard pallet

Low wind loading for mounting on towers for point to point shots

This dish can also utilize a Canopy Claw mount, Nanostation and Loco radio mounts.

5 GHz KPPA-29-5GHZDPFHA Boomerang feedhorn antenna. This antenna is used with our standard Motorola 23 inch elliptical reflector dish and delivers 27 dBi signal gain. A very cost effective solution for any point to point or multipoint application. The feedhorn antenna mounting bracket shown is 100% adjustable allowing you to use them for a V/H or to a ± 45 degree slant. It can be used with several radios such as the Motorola, Ubiquiti, MikroTik and any other dual connectorized radios.
Antenna Type: Feed Horn
Frequency: 4.9 - 5.9GHz
Gain: 29dBi
Polarization: Dual
Price: $195.25
Product Details

**Comes with (2) Antennas, this equals (1) UNIT**

Frequency Range: 4.9 GHz to 5.9 GHz
Polarization Type: H/V or 45 Deg. Slant
Gain: 27 dBi
Vertical Beamwidth: 6.5°
Horizontal Beamwidth: 6.5°
F/B Ratio: 32 dB
VSWR: 1.5:1
Cross Polar Ratio: 24 dB
Port Isolation: 20 dB
Connector Type: 2 x Type N Female

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