"100% Italian company 9dot  designs and provides innovative solutions for managing and protecting Power over Ethernet systems, from video surveillance systems to Telecommunications operators infrastructures (TLC).

The range of 9dot products is able to guarantee a PROTECTION of higher-level Power over Ethernet equipment, with the ability to prevent all risks due to faults and malfunctions of the power supply flow.

9dot product benefits 
- Protection: automatic recovery restart and redundant input power protect your network from surges.
- Modularity: allows adding or removing some of the components of the power system depending on the needs of the single network.
- Synchronization: injection of Cambium Sync and Canopy Sync pulses.
- Remote Control and Management: controlling the infrastructure from your office thanks to a web interface.
- Organized rack:  unification of the power supply components  with rack-mountable products

9dot mission is to offer qualified and certified design solutions which allow PoE systems protection and monitoring for medium and large enterprises, in a smart and simplified way with competitive pricing.  
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Price: $1,571.00
Price: $571.00