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AFTER purchasing your initial Hot Spot Network Manager (HSNM) License, you have the option to purchase a yearly maintenance subscription. The Maintenance and Update Subscription is not mandatory but recommended to continue to keep your software optimal. (Initial License purchase price includes the Maintenance and Updates Subscription for the first calendar year.)

The service includes:
-Periodic software updates with bug fixes and new features
-HSNM help desk to support customer directly with HSNM doubts, problems and suggestions.
-The service is available by phone, Skype and e-mail (Central Europe time zone between 08.30 and 12.30 and between 14:00 and 18:00).

The service doesn't include:
-Product installation or configuration
-Hot spot or router (gateway) configuration
-Link Technologies Support Engineers time (If you need assistance setting up HSNM, Link Technologies Support Engineers can help though the Help Desk Ticketing system and billable support time.)

The HSNM Maintenance and Upgrades subscription is valid from Jan 1st - Dec 31st.

There are 2 update subscriptions available, one for your Base License with Welcome Portal and one for your Advertising Module. The Maintenance and Upgrade subscription needs to correspond with your current HNSM License Level or Advertising Module License Level.
*If you want to upgrade your license level to add more networks or active advertisements, please contact our Technical Sales Team.

Please choose the upgrade corresponding to your current License Level below.

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for multiple HSNM Networks!
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