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Please Note: FCC License Required for this link. Frequency Coordination / Link Path Coordination can be purchased below, includes FCC License.

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Mimosa’s B11 backhaul radio is designed for the modern Internet era, adapting instantly to variable upstream and downstream bandwidth requirements, at the lowest cost per Mbps in the industry.

Just Add Fiber

Fiber to wireless is the future of connectivity, and the B11 is ready for it. Simply add your preferred SFP module and you’ll be lit up with gigabit fiber speeds. If you’re not quite ready for fiber, the B11 is still for you with a standard Gigabit Power-over-Ethernet connection.

Bandwidth Changes like Night & Day

Nighttime streaming video has driven downstream traffic to peak at nearly 90% of consumption, while daytime symmetric traffic is as critical as ever to businesses. Legacy FDD radios are limited to symmetric traffic usage, leaving vast amounts of spectrum constantly underutilized. The B11, however, can dynamically adapt to bandwidth demand using Auto-TDMA technology, maximizing spectrum utilization throughout the day.