Municipal Systems

Link Technologies, Inc, has been at the forefront of Muni (Municipal) WiFi Systems.   We have deployed and consulted on many projects such as these over the years.  Some of these systems include water meter reading backhaul solutions, free WiFi hot zones for cities, and municipal fiber networks.  

Our engineers can not only show expected coverages, but where to place access points, routing, bandwidth control and even filtering based on your requirements.  If your city is wishing to build a Municipal network for both internal and external usages, we can help design, program and maintain those networks.  

  • Network Engineering based on your requirements
  • Design services to ensure proper coverage 
  • Centralized Management
  • Link Failure mitigation
  • Content Filtering
  • Secure network access and public access on the same network
  • Wireless Equipment selection and staging
  • Software solutions for hotspot and managed access.
Shoot Link Technologies, Inc a call to ensure you know how  we can assist you!    

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