Cambium PL-R190WUSA-WW

Cambium PL-R190WUSA-WW
Cambium PL-R190WUSA-WW
Brand: Cambium
US Version R190W US cord, 802.11n 2.4 GHz WLAN router Home & Small Business: Introducing Cambium's new Home and Small business product line – the IPV6 capable R190V and W.

The cnPilot R190W is an 802.11n Omni directional indoor ISP managed Access Point perfect for ISPs to deploy these routers in customer premises providing in-home ISP managed WiFi, at extremely low prices. The R190W is a WiFi only router, available in white. The R190V is an R190W with the additional capability of 2 FXS ports supporting ATA voice functionality.
Simplifying the network.

Features include:
4 LAN Ports
2x2 Integrated Omni Antenna
18dBm Transmit Power
5 dBi Antenna Gain
IPV6 Capable
cnMaestro Managed
Price: $40.00
Currently Out of Stock
Product Details
Service providers lose money servicing these complaints with no visibility to the indoor home router, with no improvement in customer satisfaction, high subscriber churn, or ability to recover lost revenue opportunities. The R190W gives service providers more options than ever, enabling them to:

• Enhance customer satisfaction by offering standardized SP- validated and managed indoor home routers that connect users to the internet rapidly and efficiently.

• Sell or lease the R190W as the ISP provided router to subscribers, creating a new line of revenue. The low capex of these routers ensures a rapid return on investment.

• Reduce service call costs with client visibility via cnMaestro with the ezView tool. Track and manage customer inventory, and see attached clients and RSSI information remotely – enabling fast customer support.
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