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Tycon Power
Tycon Systems manufactures PoE devices, Remote Power Systems (RemoteProâ„¢ Solar), Uninterrupted Battery Backup Systems (UPSProâ„¢), Wind Turbine (BreezeProâ„¢), and Plug and Play Wireless Bridges (EZ-Bridge®). Our PoE devices consist of PoE Switches, Inserters, Injectors, Midspans, Endspans, DCDC Converters, Splitters, Surge Protectors, and more.Our RemoteProâ„¢ systems use solar panels to power your devices. We size the systems based on the draw of the equipment and the location of the system. These systems have been used in parking lots, mountain tops, and in the middle of lakes. Our UPSProâ„¢ systems are used in applications where you have power but you need to make sure there is backup power. Our BreezeProâ„¢ supplements the RemoteProâ„¢ system and provides extra battery backup when the sun is not at it's peak. our EZ-Bridge devices are plug and play and very cost effective. These devices can reach up to 8 miles with a good line of sight and are very easy to set up.

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