Positron G1001-CR
Positron G1001-CR
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Delivering Gigabit to the Home Positron G1001-MR and G1001-CR G.hn to Ethernet Managed End Point with support for Reverse Power Feed

Positron Access Solutions Managed G.hn MIMO Wave-2 to Ethernet Bridge over Coax with Reverse Power Feed The G1001-CR G.hn to Ethernet Managed Demarcation Point devices power the Positron rugged IP67 (outdoor and extended temperature) GAM family with support for the ETSI Reverse Power Feed (RPF). Support for RPF facilitates the installation of the GAM outside of the MDU or MTU and in areas where it is not simple or cost effective to install a local power source. The GAM-4-CRX has four (4) COAX ports and can operate when powered from G1001-CR devices. Each G1001-MR or G1001-CR powers a single G.hn port of the outdoor GAM devices.

The G1001-CR device controls how a Residential Gateway (or User CPE) connects to the G.hn Access Network under the control of the Positron GAM. In this role, they make sure the information transmitted over the G.hn links is protected with strong AES-128 encryption. When used in Point-to-Multipoint mode (coaxial wiring), the G1001-CR operates under control of the GAM to isolate the traffic from each subscribers that share the same coax splitter.
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