5 GHz 120° 16.3 dBi Dual Pol Sector Antenna With Radio Case / Cables Included

5 GHz 120° 16.3 dBi Dual Pol Sector Antenna With Radio Case / Cables Included
5 GHz 120° 16.3 dBi Dual Pol Sector Antenna With Radio Case / Cables Included
5GHz 120 degree 16.3 dBi gain sectors with metal radio box on the back to contain radio & connectors RF loss. Includes shielded LMR SMA to N cables.

Case will fit ePMP and all version of the Ubiquiti AP radios.

Metal radio casing to contain the RF loss from the rocket radio.

Metal case covers up the SMA connection on the sector and radio.

Out performs our competitors by 1 to 4 dBi as compared to a competitors sector antenna with shield added.

Will not requite a purchase of additional RF shield kit.

Very high F/B ratio.

Versatile mounting bracket.

Flexible LMR200 cables provided.

Sleek new design for low wind loading

Stainless steel hardware

Most cost effective all in one solution sector antenna on the market.

KP Performance Antennas is producing the product leading dual pol sector antennas out there today. Our KP sectors will provide you the consistent coverage you need to offer quality service. Options of Ubiquiti rocket radio box shield kits built on for companies deploying UBNT equipment. This option is a full metal enclosure for the Ubiquiti rocket with radio mount for ease of installation. Deploying our option reduces overall square footage on your towers and therefore preventing added wind load over other sectors on the market. The KPPA-5GHZDPS120 & KPPA-5GHZDPS65 & KPPA- 5GHZDPS45 antennas comes with heavy duty mounting brackets with an easy attach system, stainless steel hardware and two shielded LMR 200 pigtails for increased performance. These sectors have an exceptional F/B ratio and the performance you have come to expect from KP Performance Antennas.

Antenna Type: Sector
Price: $329.99
Product Details
Frequency 5100-5900 MHz
Polarization Type 120°
Gain 16.3 dBi
Beamwidth H/V 120°/4.4°
Electrical Downtilt 0.9°
Cross Polar Ratio 27 dB
F/B Ratio 32 dB
V/H Port Isolation 33 dB
Maximum Power 50W
Return Loss > 10 dB
VSWR <2:1
Input Impedance 50 Ohms
Connector Type Type N female x 2
Weight, Product 10.8 lbs
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