Hot Spot Network Manager- VMWARE Complete Package

Hot Spot Network Manager- VMWARE Complete Package
Hot Spot Network Manager- VMWARE Complete Package
SKU: HSNM VMware-Complete Package
HS Network Manager is the award winning accounting and billing solution for hotspot and PPPoE requests. Not only a carrier class all-in-one appliance but a complete hotspot network management to make the service even more amazing in the eyes of end users.

This system is not a firewall or a router, nothing like this. HSNM is a professional solution that provides the functionalities extension of the existing network structures.

It is the right solution made suitable for all, wide and small, WiFi needs. Smart hotspot solution for value-added services at your fingertips. HS Network Manager doesn't require long installation or configuration trouble. This solution is out-of-the-box and can be easily set up within your existing hotspot network.
Initial License purchase price includes the Maintenance and Updates Subscription for the first calendar year. After the first calendar year, HSNM is a reoccuring bill and Updates Subscription. This is so you can continue to keep your software optimal.

The service includes:
- Periodic software updates with bug fixes and new features
- HSNM help desk to support customer directly with HSNM doubts, problems and suggestions.
- The service is available by phone, Skype and e-mail (Central Europe time zone between 08.30 and 12.30 and between 14:00 and 18:00).

The service doesn't include:
-Product installation or configuration
-Hot spot or router (gateway) configuration
-Link Technologies Support Engineers time (If you need assistance setting up HSNM, Link Technologies Support Engineers can help though the Help Desk Ticketing system and billable support time.)

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Licence Level Networks
Level 1 1
Level 2 5
Level 3 10
Level 4 20
Level 5 50
Level 6 100
Level 7 150
Level 8 250

HSNM AD Module:
Compelling WiFi Monetization

*for use with this version of HSNM

Find the way to provide dynamic hotspot service why not, for free and monetize your business by offering advertisement areas where display images and videos. The best opportunity to increase the hotspot outlook: HSNM Ads Module.

Relevant contents to boost your hotspot business. The WiFi market is growing and hotspot managers need to plan new gainful strategy to involve end users and obtain pleasing benefits too.

Targeted messages are displayed to end users before and during the hotspot permanence. This is not a cruel war against end users need of connectivity but a precious tool to engage and develop to complete interesting marketing strategies. Defined areas house these ads within the Welcome Portal and users can click and be redirected to a specific web page, or ignore the message and proceed with the navigation. They can choose. The advertisement is your compelling opportunity.

HSNM Ads Module works with a multilevel approach. the campaign settings and subjects are managed by a second dashboard called "advertising". The network reseller can work directly on the ads campaigns or delegate third parts that works on the project in the name and on behalf of him. A new figure supports the campaign activity: the advertiser. He keeps in touch with the reference reseller to develop the best ads offer.

To include the Authorize.Net Application (allowing your customers on-demand hotspot access via credit card) click the icon:





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