RPST1224-100-80 RemotePro 20W Cont Power 24V POE/.

 RPST1224-100-80 RemotePro 20W Cont Power 24V POE/.
RPST1224-100-80 RemotePro 20W Cont Power 24V POE/.
SKU: RPST1224-100-80
The vented weatherproof enclosures have generous space available inside for mounting customer equipment. Multiple DIN Rail mount features are provided.

All enclosures are hinged and gasket sealed with tamper-resistant locks for security. The enclosures can be mounted on a wall or pole with the included mounting bracket system.

The high-quality solar panels have a 25year power output guarantee. The panel comes with a side of pole mounting bracket for mounting to a pole or wall.

There are 12V and 24V battery configurations with 24V and 48V PoE outputs up to 30W. There are also systems which feature a 20A output unregulated solar controller for higher output power. Enclosures have four cable gland ports for CAT5/6 cable, antenna cables/connectors or another cabling. The enclosures include a thermostatically controlled fan assembly which turns on automatically when the temperature exceeds 45°C.

Batteries are a Non-Spillable Valve Regulated Sealed Lead Acid Advanced Glass Mat (AGM) type which has excellent temperature and deep discharge performance. Expected battery life exceeds 5years.
Price: $995.99
Product Details

20W Continuous Power rating with 6 hrs peak sun. 12V 104Ah Battery, 24V PoE output voltage. Steel Enclosure.

The RemotePro™ series outdoor power systems are designed for applications that require a primary off-grid power source to run various electronics.

• Complete Remote Power Solution for Off-Grid Operation
• Weatherproof Outdoor Enclosure with up to 200Ah Battery
• Enclosures can be Wall or Pole Mounted
• High Performance Sealed Lead Acid Batteries
• PWM Charge Controllers
• Thermostatically Controlled Ventilation

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