SKU: C054045H014B
Brand: Cambium
5 GHz PMP 450d Uncapped Subscriber- 4 Pack

Cambium PMP 450 is our industry-leading wireless access network platform. The PMP 450d Integrated Dish Subscriber Module utilizes the PMP 450 platform capabilities in a new, rugged, and high gain design.
Price: $1,876.00
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Specifications C054045H014B

Channel Spacing Configurable on 2.5MHz increments
Frequency Range 5470 - 5875MHz
Channel Width 5 MHz,10 MHz or 20 MHz
Physical Layer 2x2 MiMO OFDM
Ethernet Interface 10/100BaseT, half/full duplex, rate auto negotiated (802.3 compliant)
Latency 3 - 5 ms
Antenna 7deg azimuth, 7deg elevation, >30dB front-to-back isolation
Integrated Dish Gain 25dBi
Transmit Power Range -30 to 22dBm
Maximum Transmit Power 22dBm
Operating Temperature -40deg to 140deg F (-40deg to 60deg C)
Input Voltage 20 to 32V
Wind Survivability 90mph
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