Priority Support Contract

Link Technologies, Inc, is a network consulting and services company.We focus on Wireless Internet Service Providers and ISPs alike providing full network management, routing, and support services.Through our partner companies we offer a full range of high-end and Carrier Grade wireless and networking equipment.

Link Technologies, Inc, offers Pre-Paid Support hours! No cut off time, pre-paid hours: use them when you need it!

Discounts start at 10 hours!

What is a NSA or Network Services Agreement?  We can offer you substation discounts on your consulting services by your purchasing a NSA with us. This agreement, can save you 15% off of the normal hourly rate. It gets your company priority support as well. We can help you with everything including Network Monitoring, Mikrotik and Cisco Support, and even server support.

What does this cover? It covers everything, well, as much as possible.We will make a "Best Effort" to help your company with any issues you may have that pertains to your business! Let us Augment your staff, not replace it. There is no replacement for Experience, and that's what we can deliver to your organization.

How do I get started? Send us a e-mail at support@linktechs.net or give us a call at 314-735-0270 (USA) or 647-725-7011 (Toronto) and we can get the information you need over to evaluate if a NSA is right for your business.


What We Do
  • Mikrotik RouterOS Support
  • Dude Network Monitoring Support
  • Mikrotik Hardware Integration
  • Cisco Support
  • ISP Support
  • WISP Support
  • RF Design and Engineering
  • Server Support
  • Windows Server Support
  • WISP Start-Up Consulting
  • TCP/IP Routing Engineering/Support
  • Network Design Services
  • Any other questions please drop us a line: support@linktechs.net 
Why You Should Choose Link Technologies, Inc to help your organization!
  • Several Certified Consultants On-Staff
  • Mikrotik Certified Consultants
  • Cisco Certified Engineers
  • Microsoft Certified Professionals
  • Over 18 Years of Combined WISP Operational / Management Experience
  • Over 28 Years of Combined ISP Operation / Management Experience
  • Over 30 years of Combined Consulting Experience
  • All Staff Members have Owned and/or Operated a WISP/ISP!
  • Years of Wireless Link Design Experience
  • 5+ Years of Wireless Integration Support
  • Years of Mikrotik RouterOS Support
  • In-Depth TCP/IP Knowledge!
  • Years using Mikrotik RouterOS to deploy Business Grade Networks
What you should look for in a Consulting Company.
  • Do they have more than one person on staff! When your network is down, or has an issue, you don't want to get a busy signal or better, no answer!
  • Are they willing to work after hours to help your business out?
  • Do they have other businesses, i.e. Own a WISP, they may be busy with that!
  • Can they offer you Years of Design Experience?
  • Are they available when YOU need them to be?
  • Do all of their staff members have operational experience with WISP and ISPs?
  • Have they done tower installs to be able to tell you HOW to do them right the first time!
  • Does their website advertise internet access? Maybe that is their primary business. All we do is consulting!
  • If you can say No to any of these, then contact us, you will be glad you did!