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Deploy your OWN VoIP Solution!

Link Technologies, Inc, can help you setup, manage and engineer your own VoIP (Voice-Over-Internet-Protocol).    Your own solution, name it what you want!

If you are wishing to deploy home or business VoIP solutions on your Wireless or wired network, we have the experience, and know how via our trained, certified, engineering staff.

What Type of VoIP Solution do you Need?
  Soft-Switch Phone System or PBX
Provide Phone Lines to Business or Residential Customers
Provide Caller-ID
Call Waiting
Three Way Calling
Voice Mail
Provide a Business Phone System or PBX
Call Routing
Automated Attendant
Use VoIP Anywhere with a good Internet Connection
Have Local Phone Numbers
Virtual Numbers
PBX Solution

Your office should be able to communicate effectively, simply and across land lines, offices, and even cell phones. Our VoIP Solution is a industry standard, not some proprietary technology. Tested, tried and proved to be reliable and scalable. If someone calls your office phone, you should have the option to answer it on your cell if you wish. Music on hold, call queues, auto attendant, voicemail are all standard features!

Systemax VLS 1U Hot Swap RAID ServerTech Support Departments should have queuing systems with extensive reporting. Average call times, average number of calls per day, are all pieces of information that you should know as a business owner and engineer. This allows you to plan and scale your team and hours accordingly.

Link Technologies, Inc can help you setup your VoIP Solution. We can build your system, help you configure it, and help you mange your VoIP solution. We will assist you with the engineering that is necessary to ensure high quality calls, and configure your network to ensure your VoIP solution runs great!

Soft-switch Technology

Providing local dial-tone is just another service that you can add onto your network. Doing this will add revenue streams at little cost to your business. Soft-switching provides you a way to provide your OWN VoIP solution, not someone else's, and get those customers to the local telephone network. You can price your VoIP service as you wish, put your own Logo on it, and make it a product that you are proud of. We do all of this though high quality industrial hardware that ensures up-time, and quality of service. This will give you the most return on Investment possible, while keeping your customer loyal to your name!

Give us a call and we can provide you with information to plan your next network investment!

VoIP Hardware Pricing

1U Rack Mount 100+ User System—Dual HDs, Software Installed — $1,599 + PRI Cards
Includes OS Installation / All Updates / VoIP Software Installation Only
Installation and Configuration Support — $140 per Hour

4 Port FXO Card—$519 — In-bound PSTN Lines for small offices
PRI Cards are offered in 1, 2, 4 and 8 port versions.