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NOVA-436 Outdoor TDD Base Station

The Nova-436 is our next generation of LTE base stations. In addition to the Baicells price:performance you’ve come to expect, these advanced base stations deliver carrier aggregation, even across discontiguous channels or may be used to “split sector,” for maximum footprint and capacity in one package. And, unlike competitive products, each carrier can have as high as 20 MHz of independent channel width. Like all Baicells eNBs, the Nova436 is lightweight, draws low wattage, and can be plug-and-play.
Price: $5,499.00
NOVA-436 Outdoor TDD Base Station
NOVA-436 Outdoor TDD Base Station
NOVA-436 Outdoor TDD Base Station
NOVA-436 Outdoor TDD Base Station
NOVA-436 Outdoor TDD Base Station
NOVA-436 Outdoor TDD Base Station
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Product Details
Easy Deployment
  • Super slim and beautiful design, suitable for private and public deployments. 
  • Any IP based backhaul can be used, including public transmission. 
  • Multiple choices for synchronization: GPS, air interface listening (intra/inter-frequency), 1588 v2 
  • Low power consumption; can be integrated conveniently with solar power. 
  • Plug-and-Play with self-organizing network (SON) capabilities. 

Better Performance
  • Nova-436 supports 2 component carrier aggregation (CCA), which can double the data rate 
  • Maximum aggregate peak rate of 224 Mbps DL 
  • Excellent non-line-of-sight (NLOS) coverage performance. 
  • 96 concurrent users per sector. 
  • Up to two 2x2 high-gain antennas can be used 
  • Supports emergency gateway (eGW) option for S1 aggregation to reduce the signaling load of the Mobility Management Entity (MME). 
  • Supports local traffic offload and charging in cooperation with eGW, and with both integrated local gateway service (LGS) and external eGW. 
  • Support 2*10 MHz / 2*20 MHz operation bandwidth 

Easy Management
  • Efficient, remote configuration, monitoring, and maintenance operations with Baicells network management system (NMS), called the Baicells Operations Management Console (BaiOMC). 
  • Highly secured with equipment certification against potential intrusion risk. 

Smooth Evolution
  • Continuous research and development to bring additional features through software upgrades. 
  • Designed for smooth evolution to cloud-based radio access network (C-RAN) architecture using the Baicells central network unit (CNU) to support centralized scheduling for better networking performance. 

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