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a premier MikroTik, Network,
and WISP Consulting Company
Link Technologies, Inc, offers leasing though Dimension Funding, LLC.

We have several leasing options.
Including, 10% Buyout, Fair Market Value Buyout, as well as the most common $1 buyout.

You can read about these leasing options to the right.

 Click here to download the Lease Payment Calculator
To apply, simply, download the application form (MS Word) or PDF, then fax it back to Link Technologies, Inc.  You can also send a signed copy va e-mail to support@linktechs.net

Note: All applications are subject to credit terms, conditions apply.  You are applying for a lease with Dimension Funding, LLC, not Link Technologies, Inc.  Your credit ratings will be used along other information to determine funding and APR.  ARP starts at 7.5% and is based on credit history.   Link Technologies, Inc will pass your application on to Dimension Funding, LLC, and by you sending an application to Link Technologies, Inc., you authorize Dimension Funding LLC to process said application.  You are NOT entering into an agreement with Link Technologies, Inc.

Lease Options

The 10% Buyout offers you the lowest possible payments. For business use, the payments are generally tax deductible as a capital lease. At the end of the lease term, you are obligated to purchase the equipment for 10% of the original funding amount. This option offers low payments and a pre-determined purchase price.

The Fair Market Value Buyout is the most common type of lease structure. For business use, the payments are 100% tax deductible. At the end of the lease term you may return the equipment, purchase it for its Fair Market Value, or continue to lease it. If you do not wish to purchase the equipment for the price you are quoted, you are under no obligation to purchase it. The payments are higher than the 10% (as you are not obligated to buy), but are much lower than the $1. This is the best option for tax purposes and is also beneficial when you are looking at a longer term where the market value is less.

The $1 Buyout transfers the ownership of the equipment to you at the end of the lease term. The lease payments must be deducted as a capital expense (depreciable asset). This option protects your cash reserves, helps you manage your cash flow, and simplifies budgeting with fixed monthly payments. The $1 Buyout has the highest monthly payment of the three options as you own the equipment end of term at no cost. This option is best for those simply looking to finance their equipment.